Let's sell a bunch of your videos!

Revenue Models

Package and price your products in the manner that's best for your business. Give your customers the viewing options that they've come to expect.


Purchased once and permanently available in the Customer's Library.


Available for a specific duration such as 24 or 48 hours.


While active, products are available in the Customer's Library.


Big studio ecommerce, digital asset managment, and secure delivery infrastructure.

Video Batch Uploader

Upload your entire catalog quickly and easily. Pause and resume the upload anytime. Resume where you left off after lost connection.

Video Preparation

We handle the encoding and insure a great playback experience for your customers that adapts to changing playback conditions.

Video Metadata

For each video asset, you can specify items such as title, description, thumbnail images, and chapter information.

Automated Thumbnails

We generate a ton of thumbnail images for every video that you upload. Pick from these or upload your own to rapidly create product pages.

Powerful E-Commerce

Simple, secure, and frictionless single-click ordering. No need for a merchant account, we handle everything so you can focus on selling.

Delivery Infrastructure

Video quality is of paramount importance to you and to us! We have a growing number of video playback nodes strategically located around the world.

Secured Content

Your video content is secured at every stage, from upload all the way to the streams delivered to your customers.

Real HD+ Streaming

Your videos will always look great and not compromise their original quality. Full 4K streaming to all supported devices.

Video Chapters

Easily add unlimited time-based chapters to your videos and modify them anytime.


Chapters are just one type of unique interactivity that you can add to your videos using our exciting ActiveBookmark® system.

Customer Notifications

Automated notifications keep your customers informed about their purchases and account status, freeing you to create and sell great content.

Search Engine Optimization

Your catalog and product pages are state-of-the-art, optimized for search engine discovery.


Big studio SEO, promotion, brand-building, and ecommerce tools.

Online Catalog

Create your branded online streaming catalog in seconds. Specify your logo and assign products.

Product Landing Pages

Every product you create gets a powerful landing page, complete with descriptive text and images optimized for search engines.

Flexible Product Packaging

A product contains one or more video assets, pricing options, and other attributes.

Advertise Your Products

We provide simple, hosted ad banners for you to place on your website that link to your JumpingJack products -- just cut/paste one line of code to make it happen.

Amazon.com Integration

Optionally have your products included for sale in the Amazon.com marketplace. Get discovered by new customers looking for videos like yours!

Real-time Reporting

See your sales reports updated in real-time. Full visibility on your sales process is our goal.

Google Analytics Integration

You can easily integrate your existing Google Analytics account to track your JumpingJack traffic also.

Product Bundle/Kit

Place several products together in a single package.


All product pages can be viewed in the language chosen by your customers.


Big studio social network integration, customer management, and support.

Built-in Social Networking

Not a social networking expert? No problem! Robust social network integration is built-in to every product landing page.

Customer Contact

Your Catalog and Product landing pages provide a simple Contact Form that customers can use to send you a message.

Customer List

See all of your JumpingJack customers along with email addresses, the number of products they have purchased, and total amount spent.

AddThis Integration

You can easily integrate your existing AddThis account to track your JumpingJack social network activity.

Respond to Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are critical to the sales process. You are able to see all reviews in one place and even add comments.

With our unique video catalog and sales needs, JumpingJack provided what no other on the market at this time has been able to offer. Through the use of JumpingJack we have been able to reach an international audience that previously was subjected to high tax, shipping and customs charges which made our physical product undesirable to buy. JumpingJack has given us the tools needed to get ourselves out to the world with very little effort and no upfront cost.

- Adam Smith
Raising Amazing Kids